Dog Donuts Winner - Ted - French Bulldog

Phoebe's Cucpakes - Dog Donuts

Phoebe's Dog Donuts™

Congratulations to Ted, the adorable french bulldog with the big smile and to his owners Robert & Chuck! Look forward to seeing more of this adorable little pup in the near future!

About Phoebe's Dog Donuts

Phoebe’s delicious, and scrumptious looking dog treats, Phoebe's Dogcakes™ and Phoebe's Dog Donuts™ are made of toasted carob, flax seeds, whole wheat, peanut butter, and they are egg, dairy, and chocolate free. Just how much will your dog like Phoebe’s Dog Treats™ and just how great tasting are they? Well, it’s not just dogs that eat them. When Anthony, a 4-year-old boy that lives in Lakeview, stops by with his mom, he actual orders and eats a dogcake instead of a cupcake. "I’m vegan," he tells his mom.

As Phoebe’s Cupcakes Founder Phoebe Walters says, "Why should the dogs be ignored while the masters indulge? You no longer have to feel guilt as you eat your cupcake when your dog looks at you with those puppy eyes."

Phoebe's Dog Treats sell for $1.50 each and $14.95 per dozen for pick-up at the company's Chicago location, with shipping nationwide at $14.95 per dozen, with an additional UPS or FedEx shipping fee. Delivery orders may be placed at 773-860-4000.

Pricing for wholesale dog treat customers buying in bulk in recurring orders is at $9.95 per dozen ($.83 each), with a suggested retail price of $1.50 to $2, plus a UPS or FedEx delivery charge. Interested customers may contact Phoebe or Kate McNamara at 773-868-4000 for more information.






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